Beard Balm with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax, 2oz

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This beard balm with coconut oil is designed to help sculpt an unruly beard and protect the delicate skin underneath. Makes for a great addition to your daily routine!

Strength: medium (not too stiff, but not too soft)

--Coconut Oil (unrefined)
--Shea Butter (unrefined)
--Beeswax (sourced from my local bee keeper)
--Jojoba oil
--Almond oil
--Fragrance oil (<1%)

Directions for use:
--Scrape out small amount with the back of your thumbnail.
--Allow to melt slightly but rubbing between your thumb and index finger, or with your fingertips into your palm.
--Apply directly to a clean, damp beard using your fingertips. Be sure to work the balm from the roots down to the tips. Applying to a clean, damp beard helps the balm spread more evenly. Using a brush or a comb can help further the distribution of the balm and help further shape your beard.

**Please consider all personal allergies before purchasing. Ingredients listed above.

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