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Signature Line

**Available year-round**

Bamboo Coconut:  Bamboo ~ Coconut ~ Pineapple ~ Spearmint

Barefoot Woodsman:  Oakmoss ~ Tonka Bean ~ Lavender ~ Sage

Black Sea:  Sea salt ~ Ozone ~ Amber ~ Dark Musk

Blueberry Cheesecake:  Blueberries ~ Vanilla ~ Cream

Captain's Quarters:  Teakwood ~ Sandalwood ~ Amber

Cinnamon & Vanilla:  Cinnamon ~ Clove ~ Vanilla

Coffee House:  Coffee ~ Sugar ~ Vanilla

Dragon's Blood:  Patchouli ~ Clove ~ Incense 

Drifter:  Cedar ~ Sandalwood ~ Citrus ~ Amber Musk

Excuse Me, Miss?:  Mahogany ~ Cedar ~ Lavender

French Vanilla:  Vanilla ~ Sugar ~ Musk 

Laundry Day:  Cotton ~ Citrus ~ Sandalwood

Lemon Cake:  Lemon Cake ~ Vanilla ~ Sugar

Lost in Lavender:  Lavender ~ Cedar ~ Bergamot

Makin' Waves:  Sea Salt ~ White Tea ~ Ozone

Pepperlyptus:  Peppermint ~ Eucalyptus ~ Cedar

Sharp Dressed Man:  Sandalwood ~ Amber ~ Smoke

Whiskey Barrel:  Whiskey ~ Oak ~ Cinnamon ~ Vanilla


Summer Line

**Available June 1st to September 1st**

Beach Bum  Sea Salt ~ Sandalwood ~ Caramel ~ Vanilla

Berry Vanilla:   Raspberry ~ Black Cherry ~ Vanilla

Orange & Cream:  Orange ~ Vanilla ~ Cream

Southern Summer:  Honeysuckle ~ Jasmine ~ Lemon ~ Ginger


Fall Line

**Available August 1st to December 1st**

Apple & Bourbon:   Maple ~ Bourbon ~ Apple

Apple Pie:   Apple ~ Caramel ~ Cinnamon

Basic Witch:  Pumpkin ~ Caramel ~ Cream 

Bonfire:   Sandalwood ~ Smoke ~ Marshmallow ~ Patchouli

Brandied Pear:   Pear ~ Cinnamon ~ Brandy

Butterbeer:   Bourbon ~ Vanilla ~ Butterscotch 

Granny’s House:  Pumpkin Spice ~ Nutmeg ~ Clove

Irish Coffee:   Coffee ~ Vanilla ~ Whiskey

Kiss of Autumn:  Cranberry ~ Apple ~ Pumpkin ~ Clove

Pumpkin Spice:  Pumpkin ~ Clove ~ Cinnamon ~ Nutmeg

Toasted Marshmallow:  Marshmallow ~ Sweet Vanilla ~ Clove ~ Sandalwood


Winter Line

**Available November 1st to January 1st**

Apple & Bourbon:   Maple ~ Bourbon ~ Apple

Apple Pie:   Apple ~ Caramel ~ Cinnamon

Brandied Pear:   Pear ~ Cinnamon ~ Brandy 

Butterbeer:   Bourbon ~ Vanilla ~ Butterscotch

Christmas Eve:  Pine ~ Fir Tree ~ Cinnamon ~ Clove

Cran Apple Jam:  Cranberry ~ Apple ~ Spice 

Gingerbread:   Gingerbread ~ Nutmeg ~ Cinnamon

Granny’s House:  Pumpkin Spice ~ Nutmeg ~ Clove

Roasted Chestnut:  Chestnut ~ Caramelized Sugar ~ Cinnamon

Santa’s Cookies:  Cookie ~ Vanilla ~ Sugar ~ Butter

Vanilla Sugar:  Vanilla ~ Sugar ~ Cinnamon

Winter Woods:  Cedar ~ Evergreen ~ Cypress ~ Eucalyptus

Yuletide:  Mulled Wine ~ Cinnamon ~ Apple ~ Cranberry


Spring Line

**Available April 1st to June 1st**

Lovely Lilac:  Lilac ~ Green Leaves ~ Jasmine

Sea Mist:  Salty Sea Water ~ Jasmine ~ Ozone

Southern Summer:  Honeysuckle ~ Jasmine ~ Lemon ~ Ginger


Limited Edition

**Limited quantities**

Apple Harvest:  Apple ~ Cedar ~ Vanilla

Coastal Coconut:  Coconut ~ Cedar ~ Sandalwood

Emerald Isle:  Sea Salt ~ Jasmine ~ Bergamot ~ Driftwood


Lotion & Balm Scent List


Barbershoppe: Smells like a vibrant bergamot and fresh basil leaf complemented by notes of oak moss and white patchouli.

Barefoot Woodsman:  Smells like a good ole fashioned earthy scent with notes of tonka bean, lavender and sage.

Blood Orange:  Smells like fresh picked oranges with notes of cedar, grapefruit and bergamot.

Classic Man:  Smells like white cedarwood and oakmoss, with finishing notes of zesty citrus.

Drifter:  Smells like a dark amber musk with tones of cedar and sandalwood, with a touch of citrus to bring it all together.

Honeysuckle:  Smells like a luxurious honeysuckle that takes you right to grandma's front porch.

Lost in Lavender:  Smells like fresh lavender with hints of cedar, bergamot and lemon.

Pepperlyptus:  Smells just like peppermint & eucalyptus. Take a deep breath!

The Perfect Man:  Smells like perfection in a bottle with patchouli and cedar, followed by light notes of bergamot and jasmine.

Southern Summer:  Honeysuckle ~ Jasmine ~ Lemon ~ Ginger

Sultan:  Smells like royalty with notes of amber, musk and cedarwood.

Tainted Love:  Smells like a floral mixture of apple, peach, cherry blossom with high notes of warm vanilla.

Vanilla:  Smells like vanilla at the roots with hints of sweet buttercream and cake.

Vanilla Apple:  Smells like a simple apple and sweet vanilla to warm the soul.



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